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FIRST SESSION: 10:30am -12:00pm - Ittō (Single-sword)


Learn the authentic, traditional Japanese Swordsmanship and Katana/Daitō usage as transmitted by the late Ishida Hiroaki shihan. (pictured right)

Ishida sensei was a menkyo-kaiden or equivalent in Shintō Musō-ryū, Yagyū Shinkage-ryū, Kukamishin-ryū (Kukishinden Tenshin Hyōhō), Hōten-ryū, Niten Ichi-ryū, Enmei-ryū and others: through extensive training and initiation into the hiden (secret transmission) of those ryūha that contain it, some of his select teachings and insight regarding the essence of Koryū Kenjutsu (classical sword arts/techniques) will be explained and demonstrated. These will include;

  • The key difference in the essence of technique and underlying rationale between two of the foremost progenitor schools in traditional Japanese Swordsmanship; namely Shintō-ryū founded around 1450 and Kage-ryū (Aizu) founded around 1490
  • Proper posture, foot and heel usage relating to Koryū Kenjutsu based on the traditional wearing of Yoroi (armour)
  • Significance of the directional use of the knees and toes, and connection to hips and proper Koshi stability
  • Proper use of wrists, elbows and shoulders and the significance of the three ponds (dents) of Yōchi, Kyokuchi & Kenchi
  • Proper cutting and thrusting grips and the distinction between the tenouchi of Kirite (cutting hand) and Uchite (striking hand)
  • Ideal body movement and striking of Ki-Ken-Tai-Ichi (spirit; mind, sword & body as one) with Tachi-no-kage (sword’s shadow) and Emasu
  • Select Gokui/Ōgi (ultimate/secret) teachings of Ichi-no-tachi, Kiriotoshi (Uchikomi/Gasshiuchi), Tachi-no-kage, Hanegiri and Hei-dachi (Hōhei-ken) as taught by Ishida shihan


Practical Techniques/Swordmanship being taught;

Tachi no Kiso; Foundational Sword: five (5) techniques for both tandoku dosa (solo movements) and sotai dosa (paired movements)

Ichimonji-gachi (straight cut victory) - Ukenagashi (to receive and let flow away) - Sujiokaeru (alter the line) - Jūmonji-gachi (diagonal cut victory) - Kiriage (Upward cut)

Kihon-tachi; Basic Sword Strokes: five (5) kumitachi (partnered sword practice)

Seigan - Gedan - Wakigamae - Mukei - Hassō


BREAK FOR LUNCH: 12:15pm-1:15pm



SECOND SESSION: 1:30pm-3:00pm - Nitō (Dual-sword)


Learn the vital aspects of legitimate and authentic Miyamoto Musashi two-sword methods and techniques, featuring;

  • Key distinctions and contrast between Ittō and Nitō – basis, theory and practical application of use
  • Essential kamae and pathways of the sword/s when using dual-swords
  • Offensive and defensive efficacy of the short sword and the long sword in ma-ai (distance) and de-ai (timing) within Kata
  • Explanation of the key differences in Musashi's middle guard position (chūdan) of Ensō-no-kamae (Niten Ichi-ryū), Enkyoku-no-kamae (Enmei-ryū) and Gasshō-no-kamae (Genshin Nitō Ichi-ryū Kenjutsu)
  • Logic behind Gasshō-no-kamae and waza of Taka-no-ha (Hawk's Wings), and the connection to Musashi's signature Jūjidome (X-shaped/Cross Block) method
  • Comparative analysis and breakdown of Niten Ichi-ryū's Chūdan Nitō Seihō (Kata) to illustrate the common basis and essence in both the Santō-ha and Noda-ha henka (variations), and the relationship to Owari Enmei-ryū's Roppon-me/Happon-me
  • Brief overview of the articles within Gorin-no-Sho that were/are considered Ōgi (secret techniques) within the Owari Enmei-ryū transmission, Chikuzen-den and Higo-den lines of Niten Ichi-ryū and other Ōgi transmitted as Kuden (oral transmission) outside of Gorin-no-Sho, such as Kunoji-uchi


You will be taught the following;

Genshin Nitō Ichi-ryū Kenjutsu no Kiso: the first six (6) partnered dual-sword foundation.

Uken (right sword) - Saken (left sword) - Uchikomi (strike into) - Yokouchi (lateral strike) - Ashiuchi (leg strike) - Uchigaeshi (strike reversal)

Please note: To attend the Nitō session participants need to attend the prior Ittō session.


DATE: Saturday - June 4th, 2022; 10:30AM - 3:00PM
WHERE: St Marks Uniting Church (Main Hall); Cnr Springwood & Hicks Streets, Mount Gravatt (East) QLD 4122

COST: $75 (includes Lunch)
Payment Method: via PayPal (credit card/direct debit) as part of the full registration application form

Participation is limited to 5 registrants only to maintain the quality and integrity of instruction provided.

WHAT TO BRING: Loose comfortable clothing and your own Drink/Refreshments. If you already have a Hakama/Uwagi or other Dōgi feel free to wear it.

Please note: All Bokutō (wooden training swords) are provided. Suitable for persons (aged 18+) without disability, regardless of gender.


This Kenjutsu Seminar is the ideal setting to introduce a prospective trainee, with or without prior martial arts and/or weapons experience, to the Japanese Swordsmanship that is transmitted within our school, or to simply try out what we do without any commitment to ongoing training.

To obtain a URL, by e-mail, to the full Seminar Registration Application Form please complete the following request. Registrations close by 12pm on the day before the Seminar date or prior if the seminar becomes full.


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